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April 15, 2015

Dave Kerpen, Founder & CEO of Likable Local and a NY Time best selling author and speaker wrote an article on recently about candidate interview questions.  Kerpen asked some of his friends from the Young Entrpreneur Council, an invite only organization made up of the world's most promising young entrepreneur, about the #1 most impressive interview question to ask a potential employer.  Kerpen listed 11 questions, here are a few favorites:

1.  What new skills can I hope to learn here?

2.  How do you see this position evolving in the next 3 years?

March 12, 2015

We all have interview questions.....we just wish we had better ones. Dharmesh Shah, co-founder of HubSpot was recently asked by contributing writer, Jeff Haden, what he considers to be the worst interview questions. Shah says interviewers typically ask the same old tried-but-in-no-way-true interview questions that provide little insight into whether a candidate's work style and personality complements their team, much less whether the candidate will thrive in their organization's unique environment. Here are the examples he gave and a way to recharge the questions:

February 24, 2015

You have your resume completed. You have run spell check not once, not twice, but three times AND had someone eyeball it since we all know that spell check only catches the truly egregious mistakes. But it still has no pop, sparkle, or anything that will make you consider applying for that next position.

October 30, 2014

Jerome Ternynck, CEO of SmartRecruiters recently wrote an article on highlighting 6 tips to find candidates who will stay for the long haul. Ternynck says too many business owners treat employee retention as something they do after they hire someone---things like annual bonuses and free lunch on Fridays. He says retention actually starts during the recruiting process because retention has a great deal to do with ensuring cultural fit from the get-go and not merely incentivizing happiness.

October 21, 2014

Any candidate can create a great resume, but strong credentials on paper don't always translate into all-star workers. As a hiring manager, one way to tell if a candidate is passionate about their job or just along for the ride is to ask about their future, what they plan and hope to do, not just what they have done in the past. Asking a candidate, 'What do you want to do?' creates a discussion/interview based more on what they want to do instead of what they have done.

July 24, 2014

As we set out to eat one or two of the 150 million hot dogs that will consumed by celebrants this Friday, Career Personnel would like to wish all of you a safe and happy 4th of July. Happy Birthday, America!!

July 2, 2014

When you were sixteen and sitting by the phone waiting for your crush to give you a call, the anticipation and/or dread was unnerving, even intimidating. Fast forward and now you are waiting for another call that is just as intense--the phone interview. There are a few things that you can do to relieve that stress and help make for less anxiety.

June 26, 2014

A recent Reddit survey showed three warning signs top job applicants look for when interviewing for a position. Don't miss out on top talent by making these 3 hiring mistakes.

Turnover talk. If your company is hiring in droves due to rapid growth, make sure you let the candidate know that during the interview. The last thing you want the candidate to think is you are hiring due to rapid turnover.

June 19, 2014

Your resume made it through the gauntlet—now what? The interview! Now is not the time to panic but stage fright is already starting to trickle with a chill down your spine. To help stem that buzz of dread, it might help to know some of the different types of interviews to expect. The most common types are more traditional—group or panel, one-on-one, and the second meeting.

June 5, 2014


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