3 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

A recent Reddit survey showed three warning signs top job applicants look for when interviewing for a position. Don't miss out on top talent by making these 3 hiring mistakes.

Turnover talk. If your company is hiring in droves due to rapid growth, make sure you let the candidate know that during the interview. The last thing you want the candidate to think is you are hiring due to rapid turnover.

Stale job ads. If you have had a job out there for a while with little applicant response, consider changing the role or job description to entice more activity. A stale job ad posted 6 months ago is not attractive to prospective applicants - looks like no one is interested in filling the role.

Criticizing employees. If you are filling a position due to the firing of the previous person, do not complain about their incompetence in the role. This is a red flag to the applicant that you are not certain of the exact role of the job and did not hire right the first time.

One last thing, if your company does not promote internally, be sure to let the applicant in on the secret or be sure not to "sell" the job as "opportunity for growth". Most top applicants will ask this question and it is best to be upfront on your company policies because they will figure it out sooner or later.

June 19, 2014
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