Boring, Dated, Dusty Resume? This might help....

You have your resume completed. You have run spell check not once, not twice, but three times AND had someone eyeball it since we all know that spell check only catches the truly egregious mistakes. But it still has no pop, sparkle, or anything that will make you consider applying for that next position. Business News Daily has this really neat infographic—The Only Resume Cheat Sheet That You Will Ever Need. It helps with some current phrases to use and which ones to sidestep. The list also includes some action verbs which proves what Mrs. Johnston said in 12th grade English, “Active is always better than passive.” Who knew? It also gives you font examples—just please, please don’t use Times New Roman. To me, it shows no flair whatsoever but that is a personal pet peeve. This is only the first step; now you have to actually send the resume to someone.

October 30, 2014
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