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Your resume made it through the gauntlet—now what? The interview! Now is not the time to panic but stage fright is already starting to trickle with a chill down your spine. To help stem that buzz of dread, it might help to know some of the different types of interviews to expect. The most common types are more traditional—group or panel, one-on-one, and the second meeting.

    • The group or panel interview is usually designed to weed out the underqualified and give the interviewer a glimpse of how you might fit into a team. Find a positive way to stand out from the group but don’t monopolize the conversation. Know that all interactions are being observed so be on your best behavior—no rolling of the eyes when someone else gives a less than stellar answer.
    • The most traditional—the one-on-one –is usually done in an office setting where you will be asked a variety of questions. It is important to be prepared so do your research.
    • If you get a call back, it is now more about fit and your personality than skill. Just go in and sell yourself.

The next styles of interviews might be less common now but in this techno age they are gaining in popularity. 

    • The phone interview is used to narrow the pool of candidates and helps the long distance candidate save on gas! Please, please go into a private area. The interviewer doesn’t need to hear the baby screaming for his baba or the local radio station giving the specials of the day. Keep your resume handy with a pen and paper to jot down notes.
    • A lunch interview is used to evaluate social skills and manners in a more relaxed setting. Relaxed for the interviewer, that is. You need to focus. Remember those manners that your mother tried to drum into you. Order simple food so you can focus on the conversation.
    • Then there is the Skype or video interview. Treat it much like a one-on-one. Dress professionally. They can SEE you. Make sure your venue is appropriate. Declutter—get rid of that stack of magazines that you keep meaning to read. Pay attention to the technical aspects. Check your camera, the focus, the zoom.

End the interview as you began it—energetic and enthusiastic. If you believe that you are interested in the position, tell them! Be cool if you are thinking maybe not. Things change. Exit with a thank you and a good-bye to everyone. Next day send a note or an email to thank them for their time. Your mother would be proud.

June 5, 2014
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