Ring, ring, telephone rings.....

When you were sixteen and sitting by the phone waiting for your crush to give you a call, the anticipation and/or dread was unnerving, even intimidating. Fast forward and now you are waiting for another call that is just as intense--the phone interview. There are a few things that you can do to relieve that stress and help make for less anxiety.

Before the interview, do your homework. Expect a variation of the question, "What do you know about us?" Best thing about doing this on the phone--you can have all your notes in front of you. Mark your resume with the key points that need to be highlighted during the conversation. Shut out distractions and background noise, i.e. laughing kids and barking dogs. Charge up your cell phone and sharpen your pencil. This site has a great Short List of Phone Interview Questions that you can practice.

During the interview, practice good listening skills. It is perfectly okay to ask that a question be repeated. Sometimes it will help if you stand. Your voice is your passport--have a glass of water handy. Warm up your voice and smile when you talk. Believe it or not, a trained interviewer will be able to tell. When ending the call, be positive. Ask for contact information for future reference. Thank them for their time.

After the interview, send a short thank-you email confirming that you are interested in the position and want to take things to the next step. Remember that old saw--patience is a virtue. In a few weeks, send another follow up email. But after that it will be up to them.

Just believe that good things come to those who wait--sooner or later you will find that job.

June 26, 2014
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