Is Your Email Hurting Your Job Search?

To borrow from Shakespeare, what’s in an email address? Believe it or not, something as sublimely simple as an email address can get your resume dropped to the bottom of the pile. More and more employers now prefer that resumes be emailed to them. Trust me when I say that "" or "" is not the professional impression that you wish to make.

Even something that you believed to be relatively free of drama--baseball, cats, beaches--has the potential for disaster. What if they hate baseball, love dogs or prefer the mountains? Sound familiar,

What about you, Most filters are set up to reject numbers, underscores, and exaggerated terms. You might end up in the junk mail folder and trashed. Most potential employers just want to see a name when they search to later respond or archive.

A polished email address makes you look professional. shows that 76% of resumes are ignored if the mail is unprofessional. Keep the inside joke address as your personal one. Even the greatest resume with all the experience needed can be blemished with an unseemly or goofy address. Give yourself a better chance of enticing that employer to give you a call back.

March 20, 2014
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