You’ve got the interview. Now What?

Let your personality shine! Your skill set got you in the door but many employers make decisions based on personality and potential. BUT—and this is a big one—don’t get too comfortable. Never speak negatively about a previous employer. Don’t go into detail about any deeply personal issues. Be nice but keep up your guard. Your recruiter can help you explain the facts in the most concise and least offensive way.

Get on the information highway! Review the company’s website. Get familiar with those products or services so that you can talk intelligently with your interviewer. If possible get the job description so that you can make sure that you emphasize your great, qualifying points.

Turn the tables with your own questions! Get your interviewer to describe a typical day. How many people in the office? Maybe discover the possibilities within the company. Be enthusiastic. These small tips will help you stand out in your interviewer’s mind. You have the skill set, the personality, and the will. All will help them make the right decision.

March 5, 2014
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