What the Best Hiring Managers Do Differently

Lou Adler, CEO of the Adler Group, a consulting firm helping companies implement Performance-Based Hiring.  Adler recently wrote an article on best hiring practices which he based on his own benchmark findings.  Here is a quick overview of what the best hiring managers do differently.

What the Best Hiring Managers Do Differently

1. Clarify Expectations up front.   Describe the 4-5 critical performance objectives required to be successful in the role.

2. Refuse to compromise on their demand for hiring top talent. Getting the best people on the team is key to building a winning team.

3. Fully engage in the recruiting process.  In Adler's experience in working with over 500 hiring managers, the best people spent more time with the candidates before, during, and after the interviewing process. Most important: all the best managers would meet strong prospects on an exploratory basis before the person agreed to be a serious candidate.

4. Value potential over experience.  The managers who hired the best people put more focus on upside potential rather then the list of skills and experience on the job description.

5. Modify the job to fit the right person, rather than find the right person to fit the job.  The best managers were always willing to see talented people even if they were not actively looking to fill a job.  They also were willing to modify an open job to meet the career needs of a strong candidate.

6. Take full responsibility for the results of every hiring decision.  Most best managers gave credit for their hiring success to others, but took personal blame for any hiring failures.

For the full article and to read about Adler's benchmark findings on what the best employees do differently go here,



March 14, 2014
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