Let’s Spend a Little Time on Design.

Just like an ad catches your attention on TV, your resume should catch a potential employer’s eye. First—shed the Times New Roman. Every computer has that as the default font and you want your recruiter to know that you can find those settings in Word. Tailor the typeface to reflect your abilities. For example, a number cruncher might use a san serif font which will produce a clean spreadsheet. A stylish serif font would lend itself to the more creative industries.

Keep your revolver in your holster. Don’t spray bullets all over the page. The brain can only process a few of these at a time. Templates abound on the internet. Make use of them. That way you can use a format that will hopefully limit your need to go crazy with mad fonts or bullets.

Do the best that you can to keep it one page. That means you must use your space wisely. It may seem harsh but prospective employers will not waste time and turn pages when they can just click once to move on. Too much or too little white space is just as bad. Finding the right balance will keep your resume from looking too cramped or too empty.

Final tip: convert your resume to a PDF so that when it is opened it will look the same on anyone’s computer. Title the document with your name, e.g. Michael Smith, Deborah Dorite. This will make it easy to find in a crowded email or documents folder.

Your resume is your calling card. Make sure it mirrors a clear, bright picture.

May 1, 2014
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