How Would You Answer These Interview Questions?

Interviews are unnerving for the most experienced job seeker. For those who are new to the job search, it is even more alarming. A little prep work can boost your confidence dramatically. Here are a few of the basic interview questions to help you get ready to keep you on course for that new position.

Who are you? Tell me about yourself. This question is coming at some point so be ready for it. Have a short statement prepared in your mind. Now is not the time for off-the-cuff speaking. This answer will set the tone for the rest of the interview. Focus on the key words or needs in the job posting and relate them to your strengths. Just don’t babble. Give the interviewer a quick two-minute sales pitch and make him want to hear more. Highlight your most recent employment—not that you were the narrator of the third grade school play.

Why should we hire you? Highlight how your assets meet what the organization needs. You want to be able to send the message that you are needed. Here’s a link to some great answers that might help you firm up your response:

What do you know about us? This is where that prep work will really help you shine. Review their website. Check out LinkedIn and Facebook. Showing that you are interested enough to take the time to research their company will make a great impression.

Regardless of what you might be asked, a little time spent on ‘homework’ will give you an edge in that important interview.

April 3, 2014
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