Breaking Up Is Hard To Do....

Everyone has heard this at least once in life, “It’s not you. It’s me.” Maybe that applies to your resume as well. The reason that you might not be able to land an interview might be your resume and not your winning personality. How do you approach building your resume? Here are some tips that might help you filter to the top of the pile.

Believe it or not, a resume is not about you. Really! Don’t tell a prospective employer what YOU want and please don’t divulge your life history. Only include pertinent skills—especially the ones for which they are looking.

Pick your tools. If an employer has a need for expertise with a specific program like Photoshop or Adobe CS, why not design your resume with these programs? Show your skills right off the bat!

Update your portfolio. Wait, what? Not an artist? Significant work know-how can be key and if you have the documents, bundle them and send them with your resume. That newsletter that you created from a blank page could be your golden ticket, especially if they can actually see what the resume declares as your super skill set.

This is where it all starts. A resume is your proverbial ‘foot in the door.’ A good resume might help that door open a little wider.

April 23, 2014
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