Are Your New Hires Quitting Too Quickly?

Alice Waagen, president of Workforce Learning, recently wrote an article concerning new hires who quit too quickly after they start. In this article, she describes some mistakes hiring managers could potentaily be making during the recruiting and interviewing process. Waagen gives three areas in the recruiting and interview process hiring mangers could evalute if they are experiencing a problem with new hires leaving their new job too quickly.

  • How are you describing the work hours and locations?
  • How are you describing the work culture?
  • How are you describing the job?

If the new hire was interviewing with you, they were likely interviewing elsewhere.  So , the first 30-45 days after the candidate is hired, companies are vulnerable to losing a new hire to another company.  Hiring managers must look at how they are selling their hours, culture and job when interviewing candidates.


May 14, 2014
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