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Medical Insurance Billing and Collections


Are you are professional candidate who has worked in a Primary Care facility? We are hiring an Insurance Billing Associate and would prefer someone who has worked with Centricity software. Experience in Medicare, Change Healthcare, BCBS and Relay clearing house interfaces is required.

Job Description
Insurance billing specialists, also called coding specialists, expedite the medical billing process. You will use specialized knowledge of both medicine and insurance policies to communicate with insurance companies on behalf of medical personnel and patients. Insurance companies and programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, determine reimbursements owed to patients based on the diagnosis and health condition codes assigned by these specialists.

Job Duties
You will assemble and maintain patient records, review transcriptions and interact with physicians to ensure all relevant information has been recorded. You will typically utilize the most widely accepted set of medical nomenclature, the American Medical Association's Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), to begin the billing process. Medical procedures, supplies and diseases are identified using different sets of codes.

Job Requirements
You must be a reliable, dependable and enthusiastic professional.
You will require an associate's degree or certificate in medical billing or insurance coding.
At least 2 years of on the job experience working in this role.
We would prefer someone who has worked in a Primary Care Facility.
Experience working in Centricity is a plus.

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