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Certified HVAC Technician

$18.00 to $24.00


The HVAC Technician is responsible for performing installs, repairs and maintenance to a variety of equipment including: refrigeration, air conditioning, electric motors, heating units, heat pumps, hermetic compressors, commercial furnaces, boilers, burners, intake and exhaust fans, economizers, humidifiers, capacity controls, compressors, and air driers.


Analyze, Plan, and Perform Preventive Maintenance of HVAC System. Maintain and repair pumps including chill water, heating water and condensation pumps. Troubleshoot, repair and make modifications to HVAC System. Order and maintain parts needed to repair and maintain HVAC Equipment.


Able to read electrical schematics and mechanical blueprints
Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals
Ability to run copper piping and PVC
Ability to organize work and meet deadlines
Understands and has mastered the refrigeration cycles to include: identifying components in advanced refrigeration circuits, understanding how each component works, diagnosing and correcting problems in the refrigeration circuit, using manifold gauge set, pressure/temperature chart and temperature measuring devices for routine maintenance and to troubleshoot
Understands refrigeration recovery, evacuation and charging, understands the installation and sizing of refrigerant piping
Understands and has mastered the heating cycle to include: identifying components in heating system, understanding how each component works, diagnosing problems in the heating system using a gas pressure test and other devices for routine maintenance and to troubleshoot and repair
Understands and has mastered electron theory, how electricity travels, AC and DC currents, single phase and three phase circuits, and series and parallel circuits. Ability to read wiring advanced wiring diagrams
Knowledge of Ohms Law.
Ability to use multi-meters to read voltage, current and resistance values. Must be able to troubleshoot advanced electrical circuits
Understands and has mastered all types of HVAC systems and how each component within the system operates in conjunction with the other components and how that impacts the overall operations of the system as a whole.

High School Diploma
HVAC Certification
EPA Certification
3+ years of experience

Monday through Friday 8:00 am until 4:30 pm. An exception may be when conditions required your attendance; such as an outage or other emergency. Based on previous history, this might be three or four times annually.

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