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Master Plumber

18.00-22.00 DOE

Duties and Responsibilities

Maintaining and repairing the pipes which provide water to the residential buildings, commercial offices, recreational areas, and other facilities.
If you find any kind of leakage or damage to the pipes, you can repair it by using your skills acquired over time.
Be aware of the standard rules and regulations for fixtures, and ensure that you are being followed while you work on any problem.
Properly maintain equipment for water treatment and heaters.
Properly prepare a well-designed layout plan for the plumbing of a particular building, and this is done by studying the building plan.
Make use of clamps, screws, cement, solvents, and welding instruments for doing the task of assembling the pipes.
Cut and bend pipes as per the requirements.
Ability to work efficiently and complete the tasks assigned in a timely manner.

Associate degree preferred but not required
5+ years’ technical and trade experience
Current plumbing license
In-depth knowledge of maintenance and repairs of plumbing systems
Understanding of the current regulations within the field
Excellent interpersonal communication skills on a technical level
Able to work both independently and as part of a team

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